Parental Responsibility

Parental Consent — A driver age 16-17 must have the written consent of a parent/legal guardian to obtain a driver’s license. The parent/legal guardian who gave initial consent may cancel the minor’s license at any time, for any reason, until the driver turns 18 by contacting the Secretary of State’s office. Driving privileges will not be reinstated until the parent/legal guardian who withdrew consent, once again, provides consent or until the driver turns 18, whichever occurs first. The teen driver must reapply for a driver’s license, take all applicable exams and pay the appropriate fees.

Parental Access to Teen’s Driving Record — The parent/legal guardian of a person under age 18 who holds an instruction permit or graduated driver’s license may access their minor’s driving record at no cost by visiting and using a personal identification number (PIN) provided by the Secretary of State’s office.

Instruction Permit Completion Check — Students who are under age 21 and who hold a valid instruction permit, as well as their parent/legal guardian, may go to the Secretary of State’s website using the Instruction Permit number to determine if their high school driver’s education completion/certification has been added to their driving record.

Parent-Teen Driving Guide — A Parent-Teen Driving Guide is available to assist parents in teaching their teen driver the skills he/she needs to know before starting to drive on his/her own. The guide is available at

Parent-Teen Driving Contract — The Secretary of State’s office provides a voluntary Parent-Teen Driving Contract that establishes parameters and boundaries between parents and a teenager to enable a young driver to acquire safe driving habits and skills. The contract is available in the Parent-Teen Driving Guide or at