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This course must be finished in 90 days.

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Note: You will need to get a driving instruction permit application from Ultimate Driving School once you have completed 3 modules. To obtain this call Ultimate driving School at 708-429-0700 and we will mail one to you.

Yo will take the driving instruction permit to a Secretary of State Facility along with the proper list of items.

You will take the vision and permit exam there.

The exam at the Secretary of State has 35 total questions. You must get 80% correct.

Welcome to Ultimate Driving School’s Teen Online Driving Course!

This course will consist of 15 modules. Each module is 2 hours in length, totaling 30 hours of instruction. Each module will be composed of 3 parts: video lecture, readings, and quizzes. Quizzes will be at the end of each module. The state requires a minimum grade of an 80% on quizzes to pass the course. You can only do 1 module a day and no more than 4 a week.

You will have to do the module over if you do more than 1 a day or if you do more than 4 in a week.

In order to progress along the course, it is required that students watch the videos entirely and mark them complete by pressing the blue ‘mark complete’ button at the bottom of the page.

Following the videos, students will need to complete readings, which must also be marked complete in order to continue along the course.

It is mandatory to take the quiz at the end of each module, as this is what makes up the course points.


Our modules will be taught by our state certified instructors. Only 1 module can be done per day and the full course must be spread out over 4 weeks.

Teenagers in Illinois are required to take 30 hours of classroom driver education. Click the link below to view the Illinois Rules of the Road. This link can be used as a resource with the course. In addition, you may use the Illinois Secretary of State website.

Illinois Rules of the Road 2020: https://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/publications/pdf_publications/dsd_a112.pdf

Secretary of State: https://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/home.html

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (708) 429-0700 or aultimatedrivingschool@gmail.com

We look forward to having you take our course. Good luck!